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The Genuis of Rocco Sacco

Rocco Sacco, the one and only!

Rocco Sacco, the one and only!

I have a dear old friend Rocco.  His real name is long and Irish but he has been known as Rocco Sacco for longer than I have known him.  I remember the first time I spotted him on the street.  He was riding a one speed bicycle full speed down Larchwood Street in West Philadelphia  and it was 1987.  He was wearing black Chuck Taylors, plaid Bermuda shorts, a crisp white shirt, and sported a full on pompadour.  I thought to myself WHO was that creature. That was Rocco Sacco, lead singer of the Fabulous Fonda’s and the Ambush Bugs (watch after the 5:28 mark).  Eventually, he worked in the same hip corner store as my boyfriend and we got to know each other. I remember him coming to a warehouse punk rock shows dressed to the nines with his drummer girlfriend who sported a sharp black bob haircut. It was all so 1980’s and they were so impressive.

The crazy boyfriend moved on and I worked with Rocco. I was in a really bad place. Completely depressed.  So depressed I tried to take my life and I was sick and in the hospital.  He tried to visit me in the hospital but could not make himself go into the hospital. Instead, he slept nightly on my couch for months. He lived elsewhere but he made sure I was never alone. I grew to love Rocco more and more. He was part of my evolution. He was there when I joined Thorazine and as we found success he loved to boast how much he cared for me. I cared in the same way. He needed a place to stay while we were on tour and I gave him my room, although it was a mess by the time I got home and I was annoyed.  It didn’t matter. We are tied together, a found family of sorts.

Rocco is now taking care of his elderly mother on the Jersey Shore where we are on vacation. I invited him to meet up.  I know Rocco is not a beach kinda guy, but he found me and I dragged him onto the beach. He was so Rocco.  Dressed as always, with a beret.  Elliott was happy to see my friend, the quintessential character, knowing how much he means to me. He visited with the kids who keep asking when he could come back to be with us. He listened to Ryan and his obsessions and talked to the kids as people in his special Rocco way. Today as we showered after the beach Ryan declared that he could not wait to see Rocco again.  I said I felt the same way. It was that great a visit. He listened to the boys and loved them because they were a part of me and he helped me to celebrate the amazing life I have after so much pain.

I hope I see him again sooner than later. I love my found brother who chose to help me save my life.

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Carpooling, Vacations, and Rocking Out.

I am not going to be writing endless songs about the commute to school.  I have not just found a carpool to help, but I found the coolest carpool ever. My carpool partner drives the kids to school and I drive everyone home.  The boy we drive is a little older than my kids and I love him.  He sits in the front seat of my car wanting to listen to Thorazine.  If I sing along he smiles the biggest smile I have ever seen on a kid. The boys love him and they sing along since they attend every rehearsal.  It makes the commute fun.  I told him that one of the songs was a Motorhead cover and the commuter kid’s eyes opened wide.  My Mom loves Motorhead.  She also loves the Sex Pistols and AC/DC.  I laughed and told him that his Mom was my kinda gal.  The carpool has changed my life. I only drive to school once a day. I gained an hour and a half on my day.  It will be great when I have a freelance project, but right now I don’t.  If any of you close by want to do lunch now is the time to hit me up!

With the boys attending the style of school they attend, we can home school whenever we want, so going on vacation means school on the road.  We never did this before and I am excited to get away without missing school.  I think I am even more excited to have my husband there to help.  The kids are getting older and every year vacation is more of a vacation.  We have not been away in over a year.  We are going to my sister’s NJ shore condo which is a known entity for us. It should be great.

As Aaron would say, Mom lets talk about band business.  Even though I am excited about vacation I am more excited about the band. We had some amazing band photos taken this past weekend, we have been writing songs, and our show is coming up on October 3rd.  I look at Dallas and Elliott and I am in awe.  Both are about to turn fifty this fall, and they both look amazing. I think Dallas looks younger now than he did at thirty and Elliott never changes. Hoover is younger than we are so he is the baby of the band. We recently did another interview, I wrote a piece for the blog for the venue we are playing, and we have written two new songs. It’s heady. We are learning this business all over again.  It’s different, but then again it’s the same.  More shows.  I want to play out of town in the worst way. That is the next goal.

Thorazine - Dallas, Hoover, Me, and Elliott.

Thorazine – Dallas, Hoover, Me, and Elliott.


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Downward Facing Ryan

This year school has brought on some remarkable changes.  We now have a family that lives close by who had a kid who is attending the school. The family is a neighbor of our new bass player and I have to pass right by her house to get to and from school.  She takes the kids in the morning and I pick them up in the afternoon.  This is saving me over an hour of driving a day and gives me more time to work.  Yesterday she did both trips to school.  Now I see and hear from the teachers less which is disconcerting because my kids are not the best reporters of what is happening. What is more interesting though is I now get to see what part of their day effected them the most and where their interests are headed this year.

Last year Ryan was still recovering from the bully at public school.  The school offered yoga and improv in addition to gym twice a week.  He still had his bully’s words in his head that yoga was for sissies and would not participate.  The school let him sit out and we didn’t push the point with him. Last night Ryan excitedly told me about the new yoga teacher. He reported on how he can now try to push his bellybutton to his spine and started showing me the positions and telling their names. He went on to say, I never knew yoga was so cool and we talked about it being an ancient practice. Last night before bed I caught him doing some of the positions. He exclaimed, I never knew yoga could make you feel so good.




Baked Egg It Is

The food challenge went wonderfully. We arrived with a cake that I baked, it contained three eggs. At the hospital they divided up a portion of the cake to be consumed. It started with one small piece, twenty minutes later two pieces, twenty more minutes three pieces, and twenty more minutes two more pieces.  Aaron was a trooper like he always is and he remained excited and happy. At the end he was fine. No swelling no vomit, nothing.  We sat for two hours after the last dose and we were allowed to come home. He got to eat some real food and he was happy.

Now what this all means. Aaron is now cleared to eat 1/3 an egg in baked products only. He should eat some baked egg everyday for a year.  After his yearly allergy testing next year they are going to schedule him for a full on egg challenge.

Now onto the kicker.  I need to bake for Aaron.  I need to make him baked goods with egg except really who wants to feed their kid cake everyday for a year.  I am the worlds worst baker. I hate it.  I am thinking I have to start baking ahead and freezing things so that he gets his “dose” of egg daily.  Not sure what I will be baking but I will be baking something.

Send on the suggestions folks. I am off to make rubbery egg replacer pancakes.


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