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In Where The Tide Turns


Since Thanksgiving Ryan has been in a huge downward spiral with his behavior.  He was  removed from the pool at swimming every practice this week.  The week before he had been doing so well the coaches were discussing me being able to go for a walk during practice.  He is just not doing what he is supposed to do and he is testing everyone’s limits in grand Ryan fashion.  He is having an off time at school and even the teacher emailed me about an incident today.  Once his behavior deteriorates he cannot get back on track where he was able to recently. He is lying.  Lying about incidents we witnessed.  Of course this stirs all the feelings I have  that surround having a kid in crisis often over the last three years, with limited help and an awful school.

This time though things are different.  Ryan’s BSC was at the swim practice with my husband last night and with my husband held Ryan accountable for his actions. I have had emails and a phone conversation with Ryan’s therapist who we are going to see twice next week, and I told the teachers about what is going on at home and at swimming.They said they noticed he was a little off too and are happy to know what was going on and want to remain in the loop.

Hopefully we I can gather the troops and get Ryan back on track quickly.  I hope this storm passes quickly.

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2 thoughts on “In Where The Tide Turns

  1. I’m sorry to hear that Ryan is struggling right now. I’m glad though that you have lots of support this time round.

  2. Sorry to hear about the slide. But, you now have attentive helpers everywhere he goes…

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