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The Coating That Turned Into Five Inches

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My husband has decided that at almost fifty, skiing has been missing from his life, he has not skied since he was twenty two.  Midlife crisis anyone?  Next weekend he is going with a gang from his job to Vermont. Since next weekend is you know, only ten days from Christmas, I cracked the whip and said ok, but we need to get this Christmas decorating done.

My husband is not the best person to get out of bed, ever. If he had his way he would stay up for two or three days straight and sleep for about the same amount of time.  I knew snow was on the way so I gave him coffee and got him going early for him on a weekend.  We needed to get all the leaves off the driveway and hill because we had piles of them.  As the kids and I set forth to do this chore my husband hung up the Christmas lights. As I swept and raked the last of the autumn leaves the snow started falling.  The kids came in for a short time and before we knew it they were back out again, in snow gear.  The snow was supposed to be under an inch but quickly it piled up to five inches.  It was a dangerous snow there were reports of huge serious car accidents but we had no where to be so we stayed close to home.

Ryan has outgrown his boots, well that kid outgrows shoes monthly lately.  The only ones in the house that fit him were mine. MINE!!!  My kid is now wearing my shoes.  They were outside with the neighbors all afternoon.  As the sun set Ryan’s best friend neighbor came in to play Minecraft as Aaron went to their house to play. I have been cooking all afternoon and we are going to decorate the Christmas tree before dinner. We got a ton done today but the impromptu snow has made it seem like we have done nothing but rest. Now the kids can do school from home if they need to, it can do nothing but snow for the next month which would be so fun.  I finally got the snow day I wanted since last winter.

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One thought on “The Coating That Turned Into Five Inches

  1. Sounds like a pretty awesome day! We still haven’t had any snow here yet, though we might be getting a couple of inches this week.

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