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Please Join Me and Support the Emergency Access to Epinephrine in Schools Act

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I am a parent that sends her kid off to school daily with the almost imperceptable nagging feeling that he may not come home.  I am not worried about natural disaster or violent event.  I worry he may eat something he is allergic to and will have a life threatening reaction and the adults who take care of him won’t know what to do in time.  It happens.  In the next paragraph you can read about four kids who did not make it home after school due to their food allergies.  Most had a 504 plan in school like my son Aaron does but when the time came the kids did not get their live saving epinephrine in time.

Please sign this petition on Change.org in support of the Emergency Access to Epinephrine in Schools Act.  This is legislation that would help put lifesaving medicine in the hands of school personnel and help protect millions of children in the U.S. with potentially life-threatening food allergies – as well as others with undiagnosed food allergies.

In honor of Sabrina Shannon, Megan Ayotte Lefort, Katelyn Carlson, and Ammaria Johnson who died of their allergies, children in schools should be given access to life saving epi-pen injectors in the event of an allergy whether there is an action plan in place or not.

Children with food allergies are at risk for anaphylaxis, a serious life threatening reaction that can rapidly close the airways of a child, causing death. Nearly 6 million American children have potentially life threatening allergies. Many families do not know that their child has a life threatening allergy until the first reaction, which can be deadly if not treated quickly.

This is why it is important to be certain that life saving Epi-pens can be made available at school to all children in the case of an allergic reaction. The lives of the above listed children, and many other children, might have been saved if an Epi-pen was available to them.

I am writing about this today because it incidentally crossed my feed reader the same day Aaron went on his first field trip without me.  His teacher has his epi pen and took the time to be trained in how to use it.  I can’t help but be a little more on edge about my little one today.  Please sign the petition and help make the world safer for kids who may need a second dose of an epi pen to save their lives before they reach a hospital or save a kid whose family never knew they needed it.

Thank You.

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