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The Funk


Of course fall is a time of year when I can easily fall into a funk.  Last year I thwarted this with work, the year before I had a music project.  Last year I was working from home and at the bar. I was making more money, and even though things are always hard with Ryan, I was in a good place.

I loved that freelance work. Suddenly at the end of the summer the work dried up after the uber cool drink recipes based on TV show project.  You can read some of those articles here and here.  The last project they tried to throw at me was last minute when someone else did not do the job correctly. It would of taken hours to finish and the pay would of been less than my babysitter makes an hour. Yeah, that isn’t for me.

Tomorrow I hope to get tuned back into the online thing when I go to meet with my powerhouse internet personality friends for coffee. Dresden, Cecily, and I have some amazing work chemistry. We pulled off Listen to Your Mother Philly and I have to admit I have not worked so well with another group of people since the band.  We have been plotting to get together and brainstorm for months.  Tomorrow is the day. It is needed because I have been floundering at home alone about this internet work dilemma.  Both those ladies are very plugged into the Mom Blogging Community, and as in life, I reside in the periphery of that community.

I find that having stuff I do helps me manage the boys needs better. I need things to feel proud of and in reality I am a bit driven.  When I have nothing to put that drive into I start feeling funky.  I also really value my time knowing I can go to each and every evaluation, doctors appointment, and if the school calls I am two blocks away.

I need to get this life balance thing on track before the winter because I am literally the worse housewife on the planet.

2 thoughts on “The Funk

  1. Ha! I so identify with this post. I’m trying to get my work/life balance in order too, but it’s so damn hard.

  2. So there with you! When I’m unproductive with work/writing, I’m doubly useless.

    Let’s defunkify together! Hope you’ll share some of the brainstorm gold to help motivate the rest of us.


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