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Caught in the whirlwind.


I am caught in a whirlwind.  I started two new projects today, on the same day.  I had back to back meetings and I finally feel like I have direction on what has to get done for both. It felt like my day whizzed by and what I used to be able to do while the kids were in school and accomplish for work does not work anymore because it was almost time to pick up the kids and I was still in my clothes I hiked in, unshowered. Good thing Aaron likes to tell me my armpits smell like roses.

I feel behind, I can’t catch up, and it is about to get worse. Today I got a call from CHOP speech.  I sent them a package last week with a SEVEN page intake form and over an inch stack of various evaluations.  They are booking appointments for March.  That is a normalish wait for an evaluation believe it or not. At the end of the conversation in an offhanded way I asked the scheduler if they had a cancellation list. She said let me check.  Suddenly she said well I have an appointment for this coming Monday at 1pm.  I just knocked six long months off a wait for possible answers!  I was ecstatic except the first full week of working my two new jobs I am going to an evaluation which is always a long process and a cardiologists appointment with Ryan.  I am not complaining because I have my cake and I get to eat it but I expect the details to fall between the cracks and truthfully this detail loving girl hates to loose her details.

Today Aaron came home with his grades for reading. He received 110% on every spelling test and his reading tests were 100%, 100%, 100%, 100%, 95%, and 80%.   I am so not used to this. I have a kid who excels at academics.  Me, the lady with the kid who struggles mightily with everything he does also has a kid who is rocking school.  I think I have PTSD because of Ryan when it comes to everything school or activity related.  I go into every situation with the kids on high alert but with Aaron there is no fire. The simplicity there is in parenting him is just how complicated it is to parent Ryan.  Of course, we all made a huge deal out of his grades but I fear he is not challenged.

We finished out day at a swim meet. It was a intramural Thanksgiving Mini Meet. The boys are making friends and even were posing for pictures with the medals. I was deck parent again. At the mini meets you line all the kids up by age.  They all have numbers on their hands and swim with the kids who are exactly the same age. It is a loud wild chaotic affair where the five and unders get the hugest cheers for making it to the end of the pool.   Ryan swam better tonight than he has in the duel meets. Go figure. It was exhilarating to go to an event and have it be so successful for all of us.

Now if he can make it through the meet I can hopefully make it through the week and actually have a turkey in the house before Thursday. If not does Chinese takeout stay open on Thanksgiving?

2 thoughts on “Caught in the whirlwind.

  1. You can do it all, Punky Mama!

  2. I’m so glad you got in with a cancellation! and you can do it all. One step at a time!

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