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I Do Not Get Out Enough


Last night I arrived at work fifteen minutes early and I had an errand to run about five or so blocks away. I work downtown in Center City Philly but I rarely get to walk around downtown.  I drive to work, park, work, and go home.

Last night I thought if I walked really fast, I could get my chore done. It was so nice to be out and about in the city alone. It was almost 6pm and dark since it is getting toward winter here. People were meeting up on the street, walking home with shopping bags,  and were filling the fancy restaurants that surround my job whose waiters and cooks drink at my bar after work. Although it was warm it felt like Christmas was in the air.  The lights of my city shone brightly. I never noticed the amazing lights on the buildings that line Broad Street before. They flash and twinkle casting beautiful hues of colors on the old buildings, showing off all their architectural details.  I passed the Art College where there was a girl smoking, I caught a whiff of the sweet smell of a clove cigarette.  Art students smoking cloves  are never as edgy as they think it to be because so many have done this for decades before.

If felt like as soon as my walk started, it was over and I was back at work, ready to start my evening.  It was nice to feel exhilarated and so proud to know I chose such a beautiful city to live in.

I seriously need to get out more.

2 thoughts on “I Do Not Get Out Enough

  1. Ah, but when you are that Art College girl smoking that clove cigarette…that feeling of badass-ness combined with your obvious cool: that’s some heady stuff!🙂


  2. What a rejuvinating walk that must have been! You should try to schedule 15 minutes for that more often.

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