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Crossing the Finish Line, Where is the Ribbon?


I did it.  This is my 365th post for 2012.  I am so proud.  I posted something, I wrote something, EVERY single day. I am a stubborn person like that.

If I had to give 2012 a tagline it would be, meh could be better, could be worse.  It completely lacked the roller coaster like quality of 2010 which in my modern history was the worst year ever. If you are interested, read from July to September 2010, pure drama.  It was full of hospitals, hurt, and a family death.  2012 was ok, it was tough and I fought for my kids, but that is our normal.  It was a strong steady year.  Nothing catastrophic happened and everyone is ending the year in an good place, especially since we are done with our brain chemistry experiments (aka ADHD medicine trials for Ryan) for a few weeks.  Things could be better, things could be worse.  Aaron is thriving, for that I am completely grateful. I could use some good excitement in my life.

finish line - CopyI am not going to do the traditional resolution thing.  It’s not my style.  What I’d love to see happen to me personally this year?  I would love to have a final diagnosis of Ryan’s issues. I think we have more of a shot of getting these answers than we have any time before.  It’s been a long six years to wait and fight but he has three Developmental Pediatricians working on getting him more testing and we have had more answers into how he works and help him than ever before.  I would love to work from home more like I did in December. I like the work and I enjoy doing something to make money that does not involve pouring a beer, although I really like pouring beer most of the time. I’d like Aaron to just keep on.  He is a delightful, smart, boy who is succeeding in everything he does. He loves school, he loves life, he has friends, and he swims.  He is savy about his allergies and reads his own labels  on food but when in doubt, he passes on foods he is not sure about consistently.  My husband could work less but he loves what he does and is learning a ton.  I think the worst part of his job is the commute of 1 hour and 15 minutes each way. I have to say he is amazing and when he is here, he is present, and really you can’t ask much more from a person. I would love to play music more but that is an impossibility but still a dream.

I hope everyone who reads this has a great way to ring in the New Year. We are going downtown for the fireworks at 6pm and we are going to make a shrimp dinner. It will be quiet because I have to work on New Years Day which is great because my bar is one block off the route of the Mummers Parade.  Working in the bar business for so many years, I peg New Year’s Eve “Amateur Night” and I tend opt for a quieter celebration.

I hope everyone has a great entry to 2013 and you get a chance to pursue your dreams.

I am seriously leaning on writing daily again for 2013 but then again maybe not.  I have till tomorrow to make the decision.  Stay tuned.

3 thoughts on “Crossing the Finish Line, Where is the Ribbon?

  1. Well done! I hope you and your family have a wonderful 2013! Enjoy the fireworks tonight ( and how brilliant is it that they do a set at 6:00? I need to share that with my city officials.)

    And I hope that you continue to write often. I look forward to your post every day.

  2. Thanks for a wonderful year of posts. Please continue, although I can imagine it is difficult. I can’t think of anyone who would be angry if you missed a day or two once in a while, if that is to be. But, please continue. Not only are some of the posts amusing, but it allows me to keep up with the boys without actually being there.

  3. Have a Happy & HEALTHY New Year and whole year…..

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