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Staying Postive


I’m Happy, Got a good life, No complaints, Get out of my face.  – Thorazine 1998

Last night at work one of the young dudes who comes in every Thursday asked me, How are you always so happy?  I thought I don’t know.  Hmmm could it be I am with people for the first time this week?  Could it be the massive amounts of caffeine?  Could it be the awesome coworkers on Thursday night and my Thursday Night regulars? Could it be that my husband was reporting that the kids were having a great swim practice? Ryan working hard at his homework? Or is it just how life has wound up?

Yesterday someone who I know from the pits of the punk rock shows, who happens to be a parent with a daughter similar in age to my kids, asked me to take a hike. It was her 46th Birthday and she wanted to go on a hike which is something we do often together. We walked and talked.  We talk about the amazing glass art business she and her husband run together.  We talk about being older parents to little ones, music,  our shared memories of growing up at the same time, art, social media, and life. Yesterday as we walked on her birthday we discussed how for us, being in our mid 40’s, it took up was too much energy to be miserable.  We all have worries but basically we were both happy people.  Dare I say, content.

Really, I have no clue why I am happy.  Could it be my choices or any of the above?  Could it be pure stupidity?  Sure.  I do know, it is good to feel great, even during hardship.

2 thoughts on “Staying Postive

  1. Being happy is what it’s all about.

    I was in Burger King last night, and overheard an exasperated father with his two small children, constantly saying no and harassing them to eat, sit down, don’t do this don’t do that, etc., more or less yelling but not quite. It never stopped the whole time they were there. At one point he said something to them about being so angry ( but not at them) that it made me a little afraid for them. They were very quiet kids, compared to most in restaurants such as that. On my way out, I stopped and said to him, in front of the kids, that it was nice to see such quiet and polite little children. He was quite surprised, but smiled. That made me feel better..
    You’re right about happiness. We’re never sure why we’re happy, except at certain moments.

  2. It’s great to be happy! and you’re right.. it takes too much energy otherwise!

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