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Food Allergic Parent Thoughts

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Today as I walked up to the school there was a fire truck and an ambulance with the lights on.  My first thought was I hope every one in school is ok.  There is a school of 500 kids and so many adults of course things happen, but I was concerned.  Then as I walked around the school to the dismissal door and a bit on panic crept over me.  Did Aaron eat something by mistake?  I said to myself that kid is ultra careful.  He reads the labels in class, the teacher reads them, and if he still feels uncomfortable he won’t eat it.  Still my fear was there, as it is every time he is not in my care. I can’t lock him in a food allergen free castle but at times I wish I could.

Before too long he ran out of the school with a flash of red hair and into my arms.  He was fine as was Ryan who came out of school with a huge smile.

I still hope who ever got hurt is all right.

One thought on “Food Allergic Parent Thoughts

  1. That must have been an awful feeling for you. I hope it was nothing too serious for whomever they were there for.

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