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Grateful for Homework Help


I woke up and decided today was the day to feel some gratitude because I have been feeling so miserable about school.  I am grateful for M our homework helper.  She is amazing.  She is super flexible so if we don’t have swim team and want to stay at the playground a little while that’s fine with her. If we are in a rush because I have to go to work I text her when we are ready for her to come over and since she lives across the street she is here in a flash.  If by chance my husband stays home from work or works from home she is gracious if I cancel her.

Once when my husband forgot to leave work on time so I could go to work, even though he has TWO alarms telling him to leave work, she stayed with the boys so I could leave for work.  She helps Aaron with his homework everyday but if I need to start getting ready for work she will take over with Ryan.  She has the patience of a saint when it comes to explaining math to even Ryan.  In the same situation I would be taking deep breaths.  When I think about moving I think about people like M, Mrs M our summer sitter, Z my Friday sitter and we are going out till 4am sitter, and my neighbors I feel genuine sadness  because it has taken us so many years to create these roots. Starting over seems insurmountable.

My kids love M.  I am so grateful she is in our lives because I am not sure I would have made it though most homework sessions without her.  Without her this year would be much worse than it is.

2 thoughts on “Grateful for Homework Help

  1. You are very lucky to have such a great village of people in your corner.

  2. It seems as thought there would be no reason to move, other than Elliot’s commute…

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