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The Journey To ADHD Meds: The Allergist.


Today Ryan visited Aaron’s allergist.  She had an outline of what happened with all of our ADHD medicine trials.  She asked about each drug and what happened. I told the story. I brought pictures of his bumpy red skin and the practically full medicine bottles. We talked about all the side effects he experienced on epilepsy medicines and how some of the side effects on the ADHD medicines he is experiencing are similar.

It was the doctors turn to speak and she sighed, and said I don’t have any clear answers.  She said she did some research before we came in and there is no research into ADHD medication allergies. She said that she believed this was an allergy but she has no other cases to read about so she can figure out what to do for Ryan.  She wants to talk to the Child Development team about what they have seen.  I know for a fact they sent me to allergy because they have not seen reactions like this before.

Her recommendations were: 1.  Allergist to speak to Development Team about next steps and recommendations.  2.  There is no specific testing 3.  There is no way for desensitization.

Well, that leaves us with a Developmental Team who asked us to see an Allergist about drug allergies/sensitivities and an Allergist who wants to talk to the Developmental Team to see if they have seen this before. To me that sounds like a huge medical circle.  My feeling is no one is sure what to do, but they want to figure it out.

Meanwhile, time is passing, school is passing, and Ryan is struggling. I redoubled my efforts to get more time with the TSS in the classroom.  The two hours a day is a pittance, a token, and not all that helpful.  If there are no pharmaceutical supports coming in the near future then I have to push even harder for the behavioral supports. I spent most of my day sending emails, getting people fired up, and setting up meetings.

This month our dance card is full.  Coming up Ryan has a full day of neurophychological testing, a 2 hour meeting with the behavior team in school about more services in light of the allergies, and a meeting with the social workers to submit the renewal paperwork for medical assistance,  report card conferences,  and possibly another visit to the developmental pediatrician.  C’mon March, because February, although it is the shortest month, feels awfully long.

4 thoughts on “The Journey To ADHD Meds: The Allergist.

  1. This has got to be so frustrating for both of you. I hope you get some answers, and help, soon. You’re one tough mama, hang in there.

  2. I’m so glad you have the wherewithal to keep on pushing to get the appropriate assistance Ryan needs. Hopefully, you can get a break too…

  3. Oh my… the circular directions of the doctors is very annoying…..but… at least they are willing to keep trying/searching, and aren’t just washing their hands of things.

    I really hope you get more TSS time (gotta ask, what does TSS stand for?) and that at the same time you get a new one who isn’t a knob!

    I hope March comes quickly for you. Do the boys get a March Break week?

  4. This might sounds TOTALLY crazy…so don’t be afraid to roll your eyes and mock me….I won’t take it (too) badly🙂. Could you do a placebo drug with him? Treat it JUST like the real trials. There are people that have genuine physical responses to placebos. Record and track his behavior and such. It’s no cost and it could give you some answers in the (very unlikely) event that he gets red cheeks and he has some OCD tendencies. Personally, I would go so far as to tell the school that he started a new trial (no need to mention it’s placebo, since it is a trial) and see THEIR response to him too!! See if his TSS is impressed by the improvements😉

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