Punky Mama

Of Mythical Proportions


Suddenly over the last few months my husband has become a hero of the most gigantic proportions imaginable.  The kids, of course, love my husband but he works long hours and sometimes on weekends.  Our lives are set up in a way that I have done most of the childcare for most of their lives. Don’t get me wrong, when he is here he is present.  VERY present but most nights the kids are in bed before he gets home.

Suddenly over Christmas the kids discovered Mindcraft.  Of course anything that involves the computer and a game got my husband interested.  Before too long he was staying up way too late building a Minecraft server, which was lovely and good till the kids wanted to invite their friends to play. So then he again was up late for a bunch of nights in a row and now we have a Mindcraft server that they can easily invite their friends to play. Imagine virtual play dates with digging, diamonds, and crafting tables!!! The more the kids fall in love with the game the more they want to talk to my husband.  They have taken to emailing my husband at work or wanting to call him to ask questions over dinner. Lately, I slip out to meet friends on a Sunday and no one notices.

I know kids grow and things change but this is a big one and suddenly I realize, really realize I live in a house full of men.  I hear Ryan tell me that his friends hate girls but he assures me that he thinks his friends who are girls are cool.  Here is the day.  The boys are in a place where they are starting to need their Dad more than their Mom.  Instead of freaking out I am going to try really hard to enjoy this time too and the sudden freedom it hands me.



2 thoughts on “Of Mythical Proportions

  1. You have a Minecraft Server?? Your husband is now my hero!!

  2. What’s Minecraft? How much time does it take up???

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