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Enjoying the Unconventional

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557881_10151232777946750_1521339745_nI did not have a traditional Valentines Day. It has been a tough week in Casa de Punky Mama.  My husbands job has been kicking his ass harder than normal all week.  He called me on the way home and said I can be on time but if I stop I am going to be late.  What do you want Valentines or for me home earlier so you can get to work sooner? I picked going to work sooner. I don’t need a Valentine, see my post yesterday.

My co-worker and I dressed to impress for Valentines Day.  She dressed more in classic black high fashion and pearls.  Me, I dressed in a little black dress, knee high boots, and fishnets.  I will tell you I never dress like this at work.  Got the makeup job just right, see above, and I decided the bar patrons were all my Valentines. Our waiter also dressed with a red shirt. Here we were in a dive bar, all dressed up.

My night started off with my 89 coming to visit.  His girl did not get off work till 8pm.  We chatted and shared an energy drink with two straws.  It was a nice visit.  Then my friend M came in, then Madame Norm arrived, and K and P, and on and on and on.  As each regular arrived we all cheered for them as they walked in.  Their sexual orientation, race, relationship status did not matter.  As they walked in we cheered.  It was fairly busy.  We had a champagne special, we had a beer special, we were dressed up.  When the waiters boyfriend arrived with flowers we all cheered again.  It was all in good fun and positive. The customer who I call the Jaded Fuck arrived in an awful mood.  I gave him beer and left him alone, eventually he joined the party.  Then my favorite customer arrived. He and I bond over our shared love of music and coming of age in the 80’s, and being the primary caregivers to kids most of the week.  We played a ton of great music, we laughed, I sang, he sang, the customers sang, we cheered some more, and danced.  It was a perfect evening. My favorite customer stayed till we closed and we toasted together.

I loved last night.  I had fun.  I tried to let everyone of my customers have fun and I either left them alone, engaged them, or cheered for them.  They were all my Valentines and I was theirs.

I didn’t work tonight.  My kids had a half day and after last night it would of been a let down.  I enjoyed being outside with the boys on a faux spring day. My husband arrived home late but he and I reconnected.  I told him my stories and we bonded over my new I phone.  We talked and chatted like people who share a life do when they have been apart for a few days.  It was lovely and important because at the end of the day he is my best friend.  Even if we didn’t do Valentines Day.

One thought on “Enjoying the Unconventional

  1. sounds like you had a day that was perfect for you and that is all that matters.

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