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If you don’t fight for you, I can’t fight for you

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The winds changed and Ryan went from being in a great place to not such a great place. It happens.

The boys went off to swimming with my husband as I was going off to work. We said to Ryan, Dad is coming home on time on both Thursday and Friday this week because out babysitter is off with the Boy Scouts somewhere.  If you do what you are supposed to do at swimming you guys can have a little party on Friday night with take out and an evening of Mind Craft. He seemed eager.

He had a completely awful night.  He was removed from the team and had to sit with my husband.  That means a ton because his coach is never quick to remove him from the pool. The coach feels if he can get Ryan moving his behavior improves as the practice goes on. Of course, I had to be true to my word. I called them as they were driving home and I told him that the Mind Craft party was off.  Of course he was really upset.

A little while later, when I knew my husband was putting the boys to bed I called back. I knew Ryan would be obsessed with loosing the fun night. I called and I said to Ryan, I love you.  I then said Ryan if you won’t fight for you, I can’t fight for you.  I am on your team but we have to fight for the same goal.  That does not mean you have to be perfect but you have to try to do what is expected of you. You know what is expected of you at swimming. For some reason lately you need to push everyone to the edge to see how far you can push.  That mindset is going to get you in trouble at school, swimming, and wherever else you try it.  He seemed to calm down and he said he was going to ride out missing the party like a man.

About 10 minutes later I got a text from my husband thanking me for calling when I did because he could see bedtime was going to be tough, what I said calmed Ryan down, and he went to bed.  I was glad because it made enjoying my night at work easier.

Just call me the ADHD kid whisperer.

One thought on “If you don’t fight for you, I can’t fight for you

  1. Can you come whisper to my kid? You rock!

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