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How Do Your Kids Loose Teeth?

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ryanteethWe are firmly in the middle of the loosing teeth years over here at Casa de Punky Mama.  Ryan lost his top four teeth when he was seven years old in less than a week. He lost the bottom four teeth all at once because they were removed by the dentist when his adult teeth started growing in parallel to his tongue and they were poking him.  I remember his relief after he had those teeth removed, no more wiggly teeth, and he happily bit on gauze, while wearing press on earrings, and playing pacman till the bleeding stopped.  After a few years hiatus, Ryan has a loose tooth.  Aaron at almost eight has only lost the bottom two teeth, which is really late, but then again Aaron has a personality that hangs onto being little for as long as he can.  I am not sure if how the boys loose teeth is personality, Ryan’s sensory issues, or a little of both.

When Ryan has a loose tooth he obsesses about it.  The tooth is wiggling and seems to set off his sensory issues.  He can’t think, he can’t sleep, he can’t do anything until the tooth is gone.  Once the tooth becomes wiggly enough for him to know it is wiggling, Ryan pulls at it, pokes it with his tongue, and is generally short tempered and cranky till the tooth is gone.  He has become a master of getting rid of his loose teeth and they rarely last a day after he notices they are loose because he can’t take the teeth wiggling around in his head.

0808121854(1)Aaron is a completely different creature. His tooth wiggles.  He touches it and wiggles it but he is not in a rush to get rid of it. He is conservative about tooth loss and is afraid it is going to hurt.  He thinks about it, he ponders the tooth, and eventually he lets it fall out on it’s own afraid it might bleed or hurt.

The differences between how the boys loose teeth is as different as night and day.  It might just be a difference between brothers, it might be neuro-atypicality vs neuro-typicality, or it could be a little of both.  I know I have readers who are not parents, who are parents of typical kids, and who are parents of neuro-diverse kids.  Tell me how do your kids loose teeth?  What is your take on this?


One thought on “How Do Your Kids Loose Teeth?

  1. Liam fuss with it for ever! I think he starts wiggling them long before they are even a little bit loose. He will have his hands in his mouth (something we struggle with anyway) poking at it for weeks till it finally pops out.

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