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On The Word Gay and On Being a Bad Boy

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Today Ryan came out of school happy and chatty which is unlike him.  He is usually a very unreliable source about what goes down at school.  He excitedly told me about choir and how hard he tried at school that day.  Then he went on to tell me a story about his friend D in choir called another boy GAY, said with added emphasis.  I asked him you know what that means.  He said yeah it is when boys want to date boys or girls who want to date girls, or get married, he added.  I said why would your friend use the word gay as a mean thing to say to your other friend?  He said, I don’t know, but as I thought about it, and I felt really uncomfortable.  I asked what do you think?  He said, well I know L’s Mom is gay and I like her.  I know you have friends who are gay and you like them.  He thought for a minute and said, that is not ever ok is it?  I said yes, it is never ok to call someone gay in a mean way.  He said I promise to help stop them next time.

He then went on to tell me that girls like bad boys.  By that point I wanted to faint.  He said his friend A had “his girl” S, who was the prettiest girl in the third grade.  They said if you are not a bad boy girls will never date you.  Aaron chimed in and said, bad boys are dumb.  I want to be a smart boy and go to a really good school.  I like the smart kids.  Ryan said he told them he had a “bunch” of girlfriends at swim team so he was unable to date at school.  I told him, I think you are very young for this.  He replied, I agree so I tell them I have a girlfriend at swim team to make them drop it.

Only 101 days till the last day of school.  Everyday I feel it can’t come soon enough.



One thought on “On The Word Gay and On Being a Bad Boy

  1. Oh fun times! We had a similar discussion on the use of religious terminology this week…. apparently 2 kids said if you aren’t Christian then you must be ewww JEWISH! sigh…. Liam was appalled by them – his go to word for these situations is that the kids were being racist. It made for an interesting discussion on the variety of religions in the world, and of course our own, atheist views.

    We haven’t had the “bad boy” thing yet, but I’m sure we will! Way to go in handling all of it.

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