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Aaron Has A Big Plan About His Future As A Food Allergic Adult


On Saturdays my husband works with Ryan on his school work while I take Aaron on errands with me.  It is precious time.  During the week I rarely have time to just focus on my little one.  He is super independent and capable, but we look forward to this time together.  In the car on Saturday I take the time to talk with him and really listen in between errands.  I let him talk about whatever pops into his busy little head.

Today I said look Aaron, your favorite, a yellow pick up truck.  It was an especially big yellow pick up truck which delighted him.  He asked will you buy me one someday?  I replied, well you are going to have to find a way to make money and buy one for yourself when you grow up.  He declared yeah, I have some plans for when I grow up.

He continued on to say, when I grow up I am going to have two wives.  I am going to be fair and let them have as many children as they want but no more than six total because that would be crazy.  He said you are going to have to help me teach my wives to cook allergen free so that I don’t have to do all the cooking.  I want to be able to share the cooking.  He said than I am going to have to do all the grocery shopping because I am going to have to read the labels for allergens.  My kids will probably have food allergies like me, so I will have to figure out how to cook for them and read labels for their allergies.  My wives will have to write the list but I will shop because I understand  food allergies best.  When I marry my wives you are going to have to show them how to cook for me. Please teach them to make salmon with peach salsa, shrimp, and my favorite turkey meatballs. I replied, Ok but if you have six children and two wives how will your whole family fit into your yellow pick up truck?  He said well, he’d have to have a yellow van and only drive his pick up truck when he did not have the WHOLE family.

By then we arrived at our next destination and I was grateful this kid with the busy brain was still young enough to want to tuck his little hand into mine as we walked across the parking lot.


4 thoughts on “Aaron Has A Big Plan About His Future As A Food Allergic Adult

  1. Kid’s a trip. Love it!!!🙂

  2. He’s pretty awesome! Has he been watching episodes of Sister Wives that you don’t know about?

  3. Well, you know “kids say the darndest things” Ha!!

  4. That’s so awesome.

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