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You Ask and I Will Answer


Tonight is my reading at the A-Space in West Philly at 7pm.  Click here for more info.  Come on out!!


I love that some of you are interested enough in what I had to say to ask some questions. Randi, who has a blog I just started following called, Please keep me safe: our journey with life threatening food allergies asked,Why did you start the blog? Where do you see yourself in ten years in relation to the blog? Besides your own not so great relationship with schools,how do you think the American school system is doing? Thank you for helping with the writers block, Randi!  I started this blog in 2006.  My friend Cecily at Uppercase Woman had been blogging for a few years when I started mine. She turned me on to the first blogs I ever read which were all infertility blogs because she was trying to build a family and IVF was going to be the way she achieved parenthood. I am not infertile but I was so drawn in by these women’s stories.  At the time I started my blog I just had quit my career job and returned to the bar because Ryan was asked to leave daycare at the age of two because of, you know, “bad parenting”.  I so wish they would of followed that up with a phone number for early intervention.  Aaron was just being diagnosed with his food allergies. It was a real time of transition and flux. I decided to start blogging the day Aaron ate a peanut butter sandwich off a stroller tray and I carried an unconscious child into the emergency room after I used the epi pen on him.  I blogged in fits and starts.  In 2010 I blogged everyday for 365 days and I did it again in 2012.  I am well on my way to blogging everyday in 2013.  I really like blogging everyday.  It is something I do for me every single day and in some ways it is better than therapy.

Where do I see myself in 10 years in relation to the blog?  I have no idea, really I never thought I would be blogging for as long as I have.  This started as my way of having something for the boys to read when they grew up while having a creative outlet.  I felt loss when I stopped playing music regularly so blogging really helped to give me a way to be creative that I enjoyed.  I am not a crafty person or a baby book person.  This is something I can do.  I do know this outlet saves my sanity and keeps me connected in a way I never thought possible.  Sure I could say the ever popular, I am going to write a book, but the chances of that happening seem slim to none.  I do know that blogging has started bringing me freelance work over the last few years, and a few readings, which amazes me, because I just never saw it happening.  So, where this blog could be in 10 years I have no clue.  It could be somewhere or could be no where.  It is adventure waiting to happen, that’s for sure.  I have to answer what I think of the American schools in another post because I have more to say on that than I can address today.

Onto MINECRAFT.  Andy had a question!! She parents an ADHD child and has at quite a few blogs that start with Today is the Day… My favorite of her blogs is Today is The Day They Give Babies Away. Her blog name makes me want to write a crazy Dead Kennedy’s esq song with her blog name as the chorus.  She said, It looks like MineCon will be in the States this year – either Orlando or Chicago. Given that your boys are such MineCraft fans, would you consider taking them? Sad, but probably not.  My kids are not easy to travel with.  Aaron is hard to feed out at restaurants due to his multiple food allergies so we would have to travel with a ton of food and try to find a way to prepare the food.  Ryan because of his sensory issues does not sleep well away from home.  His seizures were all triggered by lack of sleep.  He is currently not on any epilepsy meds because of Ryan’s crazy side effects to drugs.  We are VERY careful to get him enough sleep. Two summers ago we tried to visit my Mom in New York and after a sleepless night with Ryan I cut the trip short. We are going to rent a house boat for a few days this summer.  We talk about it over and over already to help the boys plan to travel. If that trip works out I have a trip to my nephew W and my old friend A in South Carolina planned this summer.  We have only been on one successful overnight trip and that was to the beach an hour and a half away at my sisters condo on the Jersey Shore last September.  Maybe next year for MindCon.  My friend Melanie asked a question on Facebook.  Her blog, which she no longer writes, was one of the first blogs I ever read.  She asked what’s the funnest new thing to happen to MC in the last year, and what’s your current seed? HAAAAAAA Melanie I love you.  Your question makes no sense to me because I am a super newbie.  I only play MineCraft on the server my husband built which has no seed, except for melon, pumpkin, and wheat. I have played the game now for about a month and a half and I love playing cooperatively with the kids.  Ryan recently installed the soartex fanver smooth and clean texture pack and I love it!! Makes the game so much less blocky.  It is my favorite thing next to having god powers on our server to make it day whenever I want!

Everyone thanks for asking the questions.  Randi, I will talk about the schools in another post.  If anyone else has questions let me know!!






3 thoughts on “You Ask and I Will Answer

  1. Thank you for the shout out and for answering my questions. Glad I could help with the writers block. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the school system. I’m a Montessori trained teacher so I don’t always mesh well with traditional teaching philosophies.

  2. Hey, you make grammatical mistakes that you should not be making at your level of writing 😉. It’s not “would of” or “should of,” but “would have” “should have.”
    Also, if you talk about “my husband’s job” the boys’ father” etc. an apostrophe is needed.
    Think about it and then delete my comment!

    • I approved your comment because I only delete spam comments.

      I really never considered myself a writer at any level. I am a hack and very comfortable not to put myself out there as anything except someone putting writing their story to the ether of the internet so that she does not loose what little mind she has because of circumstances thrust upon her by fate. To think I am any more would be a disservice to the world.

      I will keep this is mind but sometimes I hit publish because I have less than 15 minutes to write or I am so bone tired I can’t think any further. I know you will say publish less get go for more quality but if I start that I will never publish anything.

      I will keep it in mind. I can’t make any promises. Thanks for delurking!! I love hearing from people who read here who I don’t know personally because most of my readers are friends I know in real life. Thanks for the thrill.

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