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Because It Never Happend In The Winter


Winter is a busy time for us.  Of course there is the constant of school and hours upon hours of homework.  Also the boys choose to swim.  Swimming is five practices a week although we only go to four, and meets on Saturdays.  Sometimes we even do clinics or additional meets on Sundays.  Yes, busy.  Now it is spring and we are in the middle of one of two yearly swim breaks.  Usually the boys swim October through March, then swim summer team mid May through August 1.  Our big breaks from swimming are April till mid May and August through October.  Add to that Ryan’s break from school via spring break, suspension, and pssa opt out half days for two weeks, we have become a relaxed bunch.

On Friday while getting ready for school Ryan was over stimulated.  He was stimming vocally and shaking his head.  His vocal stims were quite shrill and because I had less than two hours sleep it was really setting me off. I stopped him and said, Ryan you are really loud and I am really tired.  He replied, can I have this hair band to pull on while I wait for the shower?  Of course I said, sure.  I got a totally loud and dis-regulated child, to regulate himself and take a shower, get dressed, and go downstairs with a hairband. Total win. My husband was impressed with the interaction and of course we made a huge deal about it.  Ryan then asked, do we have plans on Saturday?  I replied that we did not.  He then asked since he got himself together quickly could we have a PJ day?

It is 6:30 pm and I have not gotten dressed beyond sweatpants. I got up late and I got a nap today. Although, we did do some family spring cleaning. The boys did not get out of their footie PJ’s until my friend Charlie, and his daughter Tori showed up. The boys HAD to go play outside with Tori.  Charlie is one of my oldest friends who transcends everything in my life. I have known him since before he met his wife. Cecily, and I remember urging him to start a relationship with her over two decades ago.  It was nice to get time to chat with him on the deck.

In Ryan’s words it was good to be home all together.  This was the snowday we never had.

2 thoughts on “Because It Never Happend In The Winter

  1. Those are the best kind of days!

  2. Yeah for PJ days! I hope to do that today.

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