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Flying Solo

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This weekend I have been flying solo, better known as hell.  My husbands job is moving and he is responsible for the IT side of things and the logistics of the whole move.  He has been working super late all week and all weekend. I can handle it during the week.  I have a routine with my work and the kids. Things flow.

On the weekends my husband is home 90% of the time even if he does wind up working from home.  Weekends he is here and tends to let me take the jobs I want to do and he takes what is left. Often Aaron and I disappear to run errands as my husband and Ryan work on homework.  He helps me cook and freeze for Aaron, does all the dishes, does yard work, and vacuums.  Yeah,  I know I am lucky because he is also super cool.  It is mentally freeing to walk away from Ryan and the homework.  It is fun to have another adult around. I have come to look forward to weekends at home as much as I look forward to going to work on Thursday.

With him working this weekend we were all thrown off. Ryan fought me on everything.  He took hours and hours to get his work done today. I am mentally fried.  Aaron was clingy because he is used to having a parent to go hang out with while the other works with Ryan.  I then took the boys to get their swim team bathing suit at the pool open house. After the pool,  I was going to try and get some food shopping done before we headed home. The grocery store parking lot was completely full.  In no way was I walking into that with two kids all dis-regulated.  I panicked I had nothing to make for dinner. I headed to my produce store which has a convenient added on deli.  I bought all the produce we needed and decided it was sandwich night.

I really need my breaks during the week even if those breaks only consist of me working or my husband being home. Is it bedtime yet because I am ready to get next week over already. Heck, I didn’t even win the 600 million dollar lottery.

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  1. Hang in there! I hate those days too.

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