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And The Door Shut….

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For what feels like the first time in weeks, I am alone in the house.  I happily have to go off to work this afternoon and my husband has the day off. I roused everyone and packed them for swim team, fed them, and hustled all three out the door.  After swim team they are going to take a trek to where my husbands job moved to pick up two desks for the boys computers.  They won’t be home till 1 – 2pm.

I  have a hot date with the quiet in my house, quiet that comes free is rare. Even when they were in school it was not free.  If the school was going to call or Ryan was going to meltdown in spectacular fashion, it would inevitably happen at a time I needed to sleep.  This time they are with their Dad.  Their other parent. When that happens I truly feel free from the responsibility of their care for a little while.  He can handle it. I am going to sleep before the unwholesome chaos of the bar and an evening of a little freedom, at last.

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