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The Ice

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We had an ice storm which was have not seen in quite a few winters. We had a winter of endless ice storms the winter after I met my husband.  We would shuffle around holding onto each other often that winter. We were young and newly in love.  Ice smice.  I don’t remember ever loosing power.

The storm last night left everything coated in a dangerous yet shiny and shimmering coat of ice.  From my house it was lovely to look at.

Then I checked the internet.  Many of my friends don’t have power or heat because of trees falling. The suburban county a short fifteen minute drive away, where the school is located has been declared “a natural disaster area” and 2/3 of the residents of the county do not have power.  Crazy. I hear there are a ton of trees down along with other barriers to travel.  We didn’t go far today, only to see Ryan’s therapist.

My sister does not have power so she decided to leave her house and go to her shore house in New Jersey.  Other friends are just camping out in the cold in their houses.  I offered friends a warm place to be if this extends to the weekend as the power companies have threatened. The school does not have power so we are going to home school again tomorrow, the fourth day in a row.

I know I am lucky.  I hope everyone stays safe and warm wherever you are.

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