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Then Monday Comes.

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For so long I was focused on May 3.  It was as if the world was over on May 3 for me. Well May 3rd is over. I am happy and really a little bit relieved. I am relieved it went as well as it did, and I have a new swagger knowing I can sing a whole set with all my might. We have things to evaluate as a band and decisions to make. Nothing crazy.

Today I start working for one of my favorite food allergy peeps, Tiffany, her blog is Food Allergy Fun. I am so excited to work for her and I am totally going to buy Aaron one of her cartoons on a shirt when they are done. It’s nice to have a new project to dive right into because it is holding off the post event let down.

The good wishes and love is still pouring through the internet.  This time around the Thorazine experience is so different. When Thorazine started the internet was in it’s fledgling stages and we were dialing modems with our phones! Not everyone had an email address and I remember people running around telling others they did not know what email was for.  It wasn’t as easy to keep up with people as it is today. It required a huge time investment. Today I am in virtual touch with so many people. Some came to the show, others sent well wishes, but I had so many cheering me on which made this whole experience have a whole new component to it. I have so few pictures of Thorazine in the past. Cell phone cameras had not been invented. I have more pictures of this one show than I have of all the other Thorazine shows combined! Crazy.

Soon after I wrote the above I got an email.  Ross resigned from the band and 19 years later we are looking for a bass player.

Mondays can bite me.


One thought on “Then Monday Comes.

  1. Sorry to hear about Ross… Glad all went so well Saturday…

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