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Lunch Bunch, Baby

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The boys school, who are forever reaching further and doing more to help this kids in their care.  Their new idea is to have parent volunteers facilitate what they call “lunch bunch”. Lunch bunch is when they take a kid who is having socialization issues and have them play together one on one with another kid during lunch. Today I had Aaron and a new boy in his class M. M does not like anything, he won’t play outside, he doesn’t want to play, he just wants to talk about and play with Godzilla. Today at lunch Aaron and I talked Godzilla with him but we also talked about swim team.  I said to him that we were going to go outside and play, then we would come in and play with the Godzilla’s.

Soon after he and Aaron were kicking a ball.  Aaron said, oh I scored a goal and I saw M’s face crumple. I got involved and said lets just play not keep score. This kid and Aaron were kicking balls, playing Frisbee, and running all over the place after a little bit. M was having a great time. The art teacher who monitors the lunch, pulled me aside and said, wow he never ever does this. I said sometimes one on one play is easier. Aaron was patient with him. Then we went inside to play Godzilla’s they played together for a while and then M put on a play with the large lizards.  Aaron kept muttering this kid has the most creative mind, while watching the impromptu play.

This kid has been struggling socially in school for the last little bit since he arrived. I wish that Ryan had access to something like this in 2nd grade but they were too busy punishing him and taking his recess away. I can’t wait to do this again. It was so wonderful to bring this kid a positive outside play experience and to have a friend appreciate his Godzilla fixation.

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